Motion Sense lifted with gesture operation with Pixel 4-sequentially from February 4

Google released the Motion Sense feature for its Google Pixel 4 smartphone on February 4. It will be provided sequentially from the same day.

  • Google Pixel 4

Pixel 4 has a motion recognition sensor "Soli" on the upper bezel and can use the Motion Sense function to recognize movement near the smartphone.

Motion Sense is a radar-based sensing function that has been used in the overseas version of Pixel 4, such as for face authentication and gesture control. Although the Japanese version of Pixel 4 has the technology itself, the 60 GHz band radar used by Soli was not expected to use sensors in Japan and could not acquire the skill, so the Japanese version has a Motion Sense function. It was unavailable. By the time the Pixel 4 was announced in Japan, it was scheduled to start offering "around spring 2020".

Soli is Google's Advanced Technology and Projects [ATAP] development team, which has been working on it for five years. In Pixel 4, the radio wave constantly emitted from Soli is applied to the movement of the hand, and the movement is recognized by receiving the reflection.

  • Motion Sense can be enabled in settings

With the Motion Sense feature, the Pixel 4 series will allow you to use your hand gestures to move songs, snooze alarms, and silence ringtones. In addition, unlocking by face recognition is faster than before, as Soli recognizes reaching out to the terminal. "I can unlock it instantly."

Sensing data is processed on-device and never goes to the company's cloud. In addition to security considerations, less delay is required. It also has the effect of saving power, and says that there is almost no difference in power consumption when Motion Sense is on and off.

  • Pokemon compatible app that supports Motion Sense

  • You can communicate with Pokemon by waving your hand or moving your finger in front of the screen

To enable the Motion Sense function, update the software to the latest version, select the system from the setting screen of the terminal, and turn on the "Motion Sense" setting.

At the same time, Google Assistant for Pixel 4 will be upgraded. The new Google Assistant is more integrated with Pixel 4's operating system and apps than ever before, such as "set an alarm" or "play YouTube" for faster results.

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