Motivated to help heal the sugar in the brain, to be found in the graduate school, such as

From 10 to 20%is once in a lifetime, for”heart of cold”and also called depression. Thoughts and willingness[motivation]fell, the body also influence, such as modern stress of society and the seriousness is increasing year by year as. Nagoya University is 22 days,motivated to help heal the brain molecule discovered and announced.

【Here】The brain and the”motivation switch”that is

■Effect of thin conventional antidepressants

Depression is still not fully understood there are a lot of points. The regulation of mood plays a serotonin and stress, when you feel released noradrenaline and other neurotransmitters is concerned, and traditional known.

Because of these neurotransmitters in the brain reuptake and inhibit the anti-depressant medication is widely used. However, a satisfactory effect because trouble the patient is less new.

Milk and eggs contain a lot of sugar consisting of poly sialic acid,the fetal brain is temporarily expressed, the nervous system is successfully developed to play an important role in being found. Or adult brain in poly-sialic acid is a neurotransmitter, etc., coupled to the neural activity of the control concerning the possibility has been pointed out, but the details are still unknown there were many.

■One of the sugars is inspire.

Nagoya University, Hokkaido University, Kyushu University researchers consisting of a group focused on,”hippocampus”, called the cognitive and feeling parts of the brain that control yet. Of the mouse hippocampus in the neural circuit contains inhibitory neurons, on the part of the poly sialic acid is expressed as.

The study group’s research results, Poly sialic acid is expressed in the same neurons, anxiety and appetite control a kind of the amino acid”peptide”is confirmed.

Depression of the mouse to SSRI administration, and the motivation involved in neurotransmitter transmission showing a lot of protein expressed was confirmed. From this, poly sialic acid is an improvement in mood and motivated to help heal the brain molecules could be suggested.

In the future, the research on treatments for depression new development would be, the research group is looking.

Details of the study, the 米神 through the scientific journal The Journal of Neuroscience on 22 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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