Motivation isn't important to keep your vow to go to the gym this year


Motivation isn't important to keep your vow to go to the gym this year

by nd3000

Even if you join the gym with eagerness and set goals such as “do absolutely gain weight” and “build muscle,” few people will forget their initial passion over time and will leave the gym without notice. So why is my determination to go to the gym shattered? William Clark, a health researcher at State University of New York, explains what to do to stay at the gym.

Why your New Year's resolution to go to the gym will fail

◆ Motivation is meaningless

by blas

Mr. Clark said of his experience that “ when the tournament approaches, it will be insignificant to get up early in the dark and cold morning, but it is difficult to get up early in the morning when there are no imminent events '' You. Motivation created by emotions has a positive effect on people, but is basically only useful for "short-term goals." Some psychologists say that motivation is a lie, and that motivation is based on emotions and does not last long. For the same reason that there are no people who keep crying forever or people who keep laughing forever.

Clark explains that emotions are the release of chemicals that produce a physiological response, so those who want to be in good shape should not rely on this chemical to exercise. Motivation doesn't help if you're a member of the gym based on emotion but don't have short-term goals or need a long time to realize.

◆ What really helps is “discipline and self-control”

by Pressmaster

The most important thing when trying to achieve difficult goals is "discipline and self-control." Discipline and self-control are necessary to achieve difficult success, and mean the ability to do what you need to do instead of what you want to do.

Not being able to wake up when the alarm sounds in the morning or eating donut at midnight is not a matter of motivation but a matter of discipline or self-control.

In order to acquire discipline and self-control, it is necessary to repeat actions that sometimes seem boring anyway. Motivation does not in itself develop the qualities needed for progress, but discipline and self-control develop confidence and patience. This is also the difference between motivation and discipline / self-control.

Discipline and self-control build consistency, and consistency creates habits. Motivation helps for the first three weeks of attending the gym, but after that, discipline-created "habits" create success, Clark said.

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