Moto Nogizaka's Eto Misa, single curvy in the last photo book

A sexy cut included in the photo book “Decision” [released January 8, next year] by Moto Nogizaka 46 Ei Misa [26] was released on the 15th.

The photo was taken at a hotel in Iceland. She shows her profile and her curvaceous body.

The photo book was taken in Iceland in September this year and will showcase magnificent photos with nature in the background, sexy shots at the hotel, and pure white dresses. Reminiscing about the Nogizaka 46 era that graduated in March this year, interviews that talked about love affairs, a visit to a memorable place in local Oita Prefecture, and interviews with mothers are also recorded. Last month, he became married to the professional baseball Saitama Seibu Lions Sosuke Genda infielder [26], making it a single book containing the last single figure.

Eto commented, “I think I was able to show you the part of an adult woman who is not only cute but a little strong.”

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