Motobuchi Sachi, don't be sorrowed by the last rush of water / Japan's first medal

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed. Olympic medals that players aim to win at the festival next summer. What kind of history has been carved in each competition? Opened "Japan's first medal".


The Japanese team made their first appearance at the 1920 Antwerp Games. The highest performance of the Japanese group is the 1936 Berlin Tournament for both men and women. Tsuneo Shibahara came in 4th place when he jumped into a 3 meter board for men, and Reiko Osawa came in 4th place when he jumped in a high school girl. However, until the 2016 Rio de Janeiro tournament, the Japanese did not reach the Olympic medal.

The closest thing to medal in recent years was the 1996 Atlanta Games women's 3-meter diving. Yukio Motobuchi [Tenri DC] of the third Olympics moved up to 2nd place after finishing the 4th final. With the final five left behind, it was about to be the first Japanese medal to achieve. However, just before the last, "I thought that this was the last time, so I ran into various things up to now." Immediately before entering the water, it was slightly disturbed and fell to 6th place. The long-cherished first medal has disappeared. Still, Genbuchi said, "I can enjoy the game in the sports world, but I couldn't do it until now. I was in such a good tension today. I enjoyed it for the first time," he did not regret.

Motobuchi retired in September of the same year, and married Keita Kaneto, a male and female second-generation Olympian. He gave birth to three siblings, Hana, Kai and Rin. As a member of the Kaneto family, which aims to become the "3rd generation Olympics for parents and children," he encourages the growth of children.

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