Movie version “ Fate / stay night [Heaven’s Feel]III.spring song trailer released, finally trilogy completed


Theatrical version "Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel)" III.Spring song trailer released, finally the trilogy is completed

The last chapter of the movie version "Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel)", which has been deployed from 2017 in three chapters, and the trailer of "III.spring song" has been released on YouTube.

“ Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel) ''). Spring song

Movie version “ Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel) '' Ⅲ.spring song trailer │ released on March 28, 2020-YouTube

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Shiro's voice saying "fight, fight as master"

"every"Destiny(Fate)"Original text"

Cherry blossoms tell you, "Drow in the heavenly cup like an insect that has fallen on a lake."

Just as Kiritsugu receives the phrase, “ To act on someone's side is not to act on someone's side, '' says Shiro, “ I decided to be a ally of justice for the cherry tree. '' .

Theatrical version "Fate / stay night (Heaven's Feel)" III.spring song will be released on Saturday, March 28, 2020.

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