Mr. Achu apologizes from "some peace" in the future

Achu, 34, a blogger author suffering from an anti-attack, revealed that he had received an apology from some of them, saying, "Please apologize, and I promise to erase my account, lock, and do nothing in the future." If I can, I won't chase any more, "he said.

Hachuu updated Twitter on 28th. "Former Anti? Contacted me for an apology …" and wrote, "If you apologize and promise to do nothing, lock your account, or do anything in the future, I'm not going to chase any more. So let's go to peace in the future, but if you don't tell me the relevant account or statement, the lawyer may contact you … "

Mr. Achu revealed that he has been repeatedly attacked by Anti, and on the 22nd, he was reported as "child abuse" and reported that there was a commotion of police coming to his house. After reporting on Twitter that he consulted a lawyer, he said, "The persistent anti-accounts have all become key accounts at once."

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