Mr City legend, Seki 5-hour SP also "necessary timing"

A TV Tokyo-based popular special program "I don't know if it's a lie or a true す ぎ Too much urban legend 2019 Winter Special" [Broadcast on 28th, 6:30 pm] "Gaiden" coverage event has recently been held in Tokyo, and moderator Chihara Jr. [45] And Urban Legend Teller Mr. Urban legend 暁 Akio Seki [44] attended.

The special number is the first five-hour special, and will be broadcast in two parts, "Gaiden" and "Main". The junior who finished the recording of "Gaiden" is a theme that is becoming more and more prominent year after year. The story behind the story of the two dressing rooms has grown into a popular program, and Seki said, "The project created by Junior has become an environment that many people can see. I am grateful for it."

In addition to Matsuko Deluxe, who will be performing for the first time in one year, Yuki Yamada, a legendary urban actor, will also appear on Gaiden. It is said that there is a "hidden" urban legend fan in the entertainment world without revealing occult hobbies to the surroundings, but Seki said, "I have heard it. I could gradually say that I could not say open about 2 years ago It's about to change. "

According to the legend of the city, the key number is "18", and Seki introduces "May 1, 2019, the first year of Reiwa. Add this number to get 18". The events that occur in the world are said to have been formed in advance, and they concluded, "Isn't this broadcast happening at the right time to inevitably arrive?" The junior who heard so far was impressed by Seki's stagnant urban legend talk, "I decided!"

"Gaiden" features Jr., Seki, Matsuko, Yamada, Koji Matoba, and Ruriko Kojima. Afterwards, the main story is broadcasted by Koji Imada, Koji Higashino, and the Chihara Brothers.

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