Mr. Hiroshi Masuoka, "Peaceful personality" Maso, successor Hideyuki Tanaka

Has played the role of Masao Fuguda in the Fuji TV anime "Sazae-san" [6:30 pm Sunday] and Uncle Jam in the Japanese TV anime "Soreike! Anpanman" [Friday 10:55 am, Kanto Local] On 26th, it was learned that voice actor Hiroshi Masuoka died of rectal cancer at 2:53 am on the 21st. He was 83. Announced by the affiliated Tokyo Actor's Consumer Cooperative [Haikyo].

Ms. Masuoka played over 40 years from June 11, 1980 to August 18, 2007, and the voice actor Hideyuki Tanaka, who succeeds the role of Maso Fuguda, said on Fuji Television that “ Masuoka has been on many programs for a long time I'll be with you. A gentle smile, a fun story, and a gentle personality. I remember them all. Please sleep in peace. "

In addition, all of the anime “Sazae-san” staff, through the same office, said, “Masao is a proud husband, a family-minded father, a caring good son-in-law, and a reliable brother-in-law. Always calm, gentle and humorous Mr. Masuoka's personality was overflowing, and I would like to continue to draw the irreplaceable family members of Mr. Masao and all of the staff of "Sazae-san". Thank you very much for a long time. " And mourned Masuoka's death.

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