Mr. Tomasaku Maezawa “Tell me unreasonable things”

ZOZO founder, Yusaku Maezawa [44], who runs the fashion mail-order site ZOZOTOWN, said that he wants to challenge a business that solves unreasonable things.

Mr. Maezawa updated Twitter on the 7th. “I want to ask you. Is there anything that you think is unreasonable in the world?”, “I want to challenge a business that solves unreasonable things. Please call me. "

Some followers commented that it was unreasonable to get taxes as you work, but Mr. Maezawa said, “ I think that people who can earn more should earn more and pay more taxes, but not I think it's natural that people who earn more than people pay more tax than people and contribute to society more than others, by the way I don't resist tax payment at all. Of course, the tax should be used effectively. "

Maezawa announced the resignation of President ZOZO at a capital and business alliance agreement between ZOZO and Yahoo in Tokyo on September 12. In October, it announced that it established a new company “Start Today Co., Ltd.” and assumed the position of President.

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