Mr. Toshihiko Seko “understands the feelings of the governor”

Toshihiko Seko's strategic project leader of the Japan Land Federation gave a lecture at the meeting of the “ Jogging Marathon Promotion Council '' held on the 12th in the Diet and looked back on how the Tokyo Olympic marathon and race venue was changed to Sapporo “There must have been Sapporo in Japan, and I can understand the feelings of Governor Koike,” he said again.

The marathon course in Sapporo was decided about 20 km in the first half, but the second half is undecided. Mr. Seko said, “It is a global standard that 7 km is 6 laps. The audience can be seen many times and the burden of security is reduced. I hope [7 km] 6 laps. I have an opinion. "

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