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Mr. Yamashita's recommendation by Mr. Yamashita


Chairman Yoshiro Mori [82] of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is the International Olympic Committee [IOC] Board of Directors held in Switzerland on the 6th the previous day, and Yasuhiro Yamashita Chairman [62] of the Japan Olympic Committee [JOC] Congratulated me for being recommended by the committee.

President Yamashita visits Chairman Mori and greets him by saying, “I want to get hungry and fully fulfilled”. In response, Chairman Mori said, “The legend of the Japanese judo world that won the National Honor Award. It has been respected both in Japan and overseas.”

Although it is expected to be officially decided at the general meeting in January next year, Chairman Mori affirms that he will be elected based on the past circumstances, "If it is nominated, it seems that it will definitely pass at the general meeting. IOC President Bach said that it was reported at an early stage, "I have been saying that it is strange that there is no Japanese director to do in Tokyo."

He also advised the IOC athlete committee member at the Tokyo Olympics that Mr. Yuki Ota, Chairman of the Japan Fencing Association [34], was running as a candidate. In fact, Koji Murofushi Sports Director was defeated at the 2012 London Olympics for misleading activities. Mr. Yamashita vowed to back up saying, “I have very limited. I can do it, but I am willing to accept it and I want to do everything I can.”

In addition to Chairman Yamashita, Mr. Retsu Fukui, who was appointed as JOC Executive Director and Chief of the Japanese Athlete Team, and Mr. Mitsuru Oken of the Japan Rural Federation, who became the team general manager, were also present. Chairman Mori apologized that “the marathon [details] has not been decided” and apologized, “Masashi Hashimoto was practicing the interview when he took the medal. Then the player was motivated. I advised.

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