Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita “Tears tears…” thank Yasuo Inoue

Yasuhiro Yamashita, Chairman [62] of the All Japan Judo Federation [All Judo], attended “HEROs AWARD”, which recognizes social contribution activities by athletes in Tokyo on the 9th, and thanked Yasuo Inoue [41], the representative of Judo boys. I conveyed the words.

Mr. Yamashita, President of the NPO “Judo Education Solidarity”, which has continued international contribution activities, received a special award. Dissolved in June this year, but now NPO "JUDOs" established by Director Inoue has taken over some of the activities.

Mr. Yamashita, who was on stage in a tuxedo, said, “The student director Inoue knew about the dissolution and came to me at the end of last year and said,“ I want to launch an NPO. Thank you very much, sports are powerful. I want to contribute to the creation of a better society by thinking about what everyone can do together. "

Since 2006, we have been promoting an international friendship project through judo and donated approximately 10,000 judo and 2000 tatami mats to more than 70 countries and regions. We also held coaching seminars for accepting overseas leaders and learning how to teach them.

Mr. Yamashita decided to disband because he was busy with the duties of the directors of the Judo Federation and the International Judo Federation [IJF] and as the president of the Japan Olympic Committee [JOC]. Activities such as wearing judo and donating tatami mats were taken over by Judo, and “JUDOs” established by Director Inoue in April inherited some of the activities while developing new international contribution activities.

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