Mr. Yusaku Maezawa Private Jet “Sell” price is negotiable

ZOZO founder, Yusaku Maezawa [44], who runs fashion mail order site ZOZOTOWN, announced on 14th that he will sell his favorite private jet on the official Youtube channel.

It seems that Maezawa left Narita Airport on a private jet and shot and distributed the video before heading to Melbourne, Australia. At the end of the video, he said, “Why this airplane will not ride around the end of next year. New airplanes will arrive at the end of next year, so old airplanes will not ride.” On top of that, he said, “This will go on sale, so if you are interested in purchasing, I will respond.”

Mr. Maezawa said that because there are many requests from YouTube channel viewers to learn about private jets, they decided to introduce them on video. After that, "It is enough if you enter [at the airport] about 15 minutes before the flight time. Immigration will end in an instant when you arrive. The flight time itself is a little higher than ordinary airplanes according to what I heard. “Since it flies, it is slightly faster than ordinary airplanes because of its low air resistance.”

Maezawa introduced the cabin after boarding. The cabin has a wine cellar because he likes wine, and the wine glass is said to be able to be fixed with a special tray as it “shakes and breaks in the cabin”. There are 9 seats in front and 5 people in the back and 14 people in the seat, but “I've never been in 14 seats before. I ’ve been in bed. Told.

The iPod can also be used to control airplane lighting. Mr. Maezawa explained, “If you go up, you can lower the shade of the window.” “[The room can also be turned red],” says X JAPAN's YOSHIKI, when he lit, the cabin lighting turned red. “When YOSHIKI got on a long time ago, when we went to Los Angeles together in this mode, drinking wine all the time …”, it seems that the “hospitality” was inspired by X JAPAN's representative song “Red”. The aircraft is also loaded with karaoke, and can also be karaoke.

Mr. Maezawa said, “It has been nearly 4 years since I bought it, but since I bought it, it has been convenient and used so much that I have never been on an ordinary airline. “There is absolutely 20 to 30 rides twice a month,” he stressed.

The aircraft is a 2015 model, with a total flight time of about 1200 hours and a price that is negotiable.

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