Much more comfortable than imagined? ! Impression of riding Morgan 3 Wheeler born in Heisei

I had the opportunity to ride a three-wheeler from the British brand Morgan, which has a history that has continued since 1909. The first three wheelers at the age of 23 [obvious], what was that impression? !

Even though I liked cars, I never touched 3 Wheeler, so I took a test drive with Morgan Cars Japan's Justin Gardiner, who taught me the meaning of the design and how-to.

First, let's take a look back at Morgan's history before the pounding 3 Wheeler. Morgan Motor Company is a manufacturer of hand-built British classic sports cars, founded in 1909. Morgan-built cars still use wood as part of the bodywork, and assembly is done manually at the factory by craftsmen.

Justin showed me the introduction video and thought in a good way, "Is this really a modern day event?" In a number of brick buildings, the entire process of processing wood, stamping out aluminum, painting and polishing is done by craftsmen. The movement of the chassis, of course, is one by one.

One of the “work” created by such craftsmen is the 3 Wheeler. Honestly, I have never been on the list of "cars" I want, such as 3 Wheelers, and their identity was unknown. Does it look classical? No, rather modern? Is it really neoclassical? Although, etc., I crossed my head in various ways. I think this depends on who really saw it.

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The 1979cc engine is an S & S V-twin and the gearbox is a Mazda 5-speed MT. By the way, the front suspension is a double wishbone and the back is a cantilever. Is it a feeling that a sports car and an excellent motorcycle are united?

Looking at the interior, it is much more modern than I had imagined. The design of the meter resembles an aircraft that was once manufactured by Morgan. Leather is accented next to the meter, and the quilted leather seats are British. This change in quilt leather and steering is like Justin's commitment.

Well, the ride is … First of all, drive Justin in the passenger seat. I don't feel particularly cramped even when I'm driving. Furthermore, the passenger seat is wide enough to relax and relax. May be used as a hammock on a sunny day. Vibration is exactly what it looks like, or if you try to take a picture, it shakes and is not stable. Is an acceptable level.

The sound is quieter than I thought. No problem because conversation is not difficult. I don't feel any inconvenience, so if I concentrate on conversation, I forget that I'm in a three-wheeled car. As expected, Justin was a former rally driver, so he runs smoothly.

And finally the driver's turn to me. If you put on your seat belt, step on the clutch and press the start button, the sound of the engine will be heard. "I'm going to step on the accelerator with the clutch up," said Justin. Is true. If you try to turn around, a small turn is quite good. The handle is also light. I was worried that it would be unstable when I drove, but that was not at all.

I felt the clutch point was quite high [this may be because I'm on the Lancia Delta]. It took a little while to get used to, but I think it is an easy car to get used to. Justin also said, "You're used to it!" And seem happy.

The blinker is right when the lever is raised and left when it is lowered. When you want to turn it off [it won't go away on its own], you just have to raise or lower the lever in the same direction you put it out. This is a common specification of Morgan, but it is quite convenient to get used to it if it is not natural that the blinker of the car disappears on its own. Because the meat points are close, it is quite easy to change gears and it runs smoothly enough. The brakes are very direct and synchronize with the body. You can feel the strong feeling that you are controlling yourself.

It's obvious, but the more you get used to it, the more fun it gets. Try running on the mountain road. However, it may be one you want to use for shopping reeds on a sunny day in town. Attention from around is 150%. It is the perfect car for those who want a little [?] Stimulation. I want young people to ride once.

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