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Muppet puppet show "Fraggle Rock" is back on Apple TV. New mini-series for home iPhone shooting-Engadget Japan

Fraggle Rock Rock On

Apple surprised the new Fraggle Rock: Rock On! Of the muppet puppet show "Fraggle Rock" as an original program for the video service Apple TV +.

In the United States, the first episode of the new miniseries, Shine On, is now available on the Apple TV app.

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The original "Fraggle Rock" is a puppet series that was broadcast by the US television station HBO in the 1980s. In Japan, a dubbed version played by Akira Kamiya, Maria Kawamura and other popular voice actors was broadcast on NHK. Jim Henson, known for Sesame Street and Dark Crystal.

Although anime spin-offs have been produced and feature films have been rumored for a long time since the end of broadcasting in the 1980s, the new work of "Fraggle Rock" itself will be about 33 years ago.

Suddenly released as Apple's Apple TV + original program, the new Fraggle Rock: Rock On! Is an original voice actor in the footage of Jim Henson Company's artist's iPhone shot at home due to the global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection. It was produced in the style of the so-called social distance, in which each of us gave a different voice.

In the new mini-series, the same voice actors as the original will appear in the voices of the protagonist Fragle (race name). The vast cave Fraggle Rock that seems to be in the underground of the human world, and the many cheerful songs that are bottomless remain as they were 30 years ago, even if the Fragles who live in different caves do not change friendship, apart It is a content that should be the comfort of the current audience that you can sing and enjoy together. (It seems that the settings are connected by what is called the "dozer tube" invented by the Dozer race).

Fraggle Rock's new Fraggle Rock: Rock On! Will be updated every Tuesday on a mini episode on Apple TV + in the United States. Not currently seen on the Japanese version of Apple TV +.

(In addition, the original Japanese dubbed version has no video on NHK, so it is impossible to rebroadcast or make it software.)

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