Murakami right 3rd place "Somewhat while fatigued" S skating

Pyongchang Olympics [Pyeongchang Olympics] gold, silver and bronze medal Takagi Miho [25 = assistant assistant at Nikkiso] came in 2nd at 1 minute 14 seconds 89. In the men's 500 meters, Uma Murakami [27 = Takado Construction], who won the World Cup [World Cup] first victory on the 13th, was the third highest in Japan.

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Murakami, who won the first victory on the 13th the previous day at 500 meters for men, finished 3rd and went up to the podium every day. The first 100 meters is the top overall at 9 seconds 51, the same as the previous day. On the second day of the tournament, the last straight stalled, saying “I was a little tired”.

Even so, he showed the will to extend his time from the previous day to 34.54. The two Russians didn't reach, and they expressed a disappointing expression, saying, “Faceful race, but I wanted to win.”

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