Mutations in the cells of the body eliminate the mechanism elucidation of the cancer preventive agents in the development of the expected graduate

Hokkaido University is 1 month 31 days,normal cells,cancerous super-early stage the mutation cells,cells competing by the body to eliminate in order to elucidate the mechanism announced. The research team, the cancer grouping of more than early stages and in the body to understand what happens by, cancer therapeutic or preventive agent of the development is coming.

【Here】Konjac potato is Alzheimer’s disease prevention to effective graduate research

The results of this study are,1 month 31 days,Current Biology Magazine Online published.

■Cell conflict is?

Cells,genes, mutations accumulated by cancer group. Therefore, the gene mutation is sufficient to accumulate until, if gene mutation occurs, even if the immediately cancerous the world.

This is a mutation of cells, the gene mutation is sufficiently accumulated and is still completely cancerous and the surrounding normal cells by the body to be eliminated is known.

In this way cells are heterogeneous cells, cells from the tissues eliminate the cells”compete”with. Our body is the immune system’s other cells competing by the cancer prevention system is equipped with can.

But this, like normal cells, but mutation of cells to cells competing by eliminating the when, what molecules are,how they work, and the detailed mechanism about this is well we know he did not.

■Calcium wave IS cells competing to promote the

The research team,normal cells to mutate cells cells competing by cells from the tissues to eliminate the calcium ion concentration was measured. When the mutation of cells centered on the calcium ion concentration is concentric to the higher was confirmed.

The research team is the phenomenon of”calcium wave”and call it good…….. This calcium wave received normal cells,mutation of cells in the surging,mutation of cells to the tissue push out from the body to eliminate.

Thus, the cancer grouping of more than the early stages,normal cells to mutate cells cells competing by the body and eliminating cancer is preventable and can enjoy.

Normal cells mutations in cells, cells compete to eliminate by working to strengthen low-molecular compound has already been discovered. Such low-molecular compounds about the research is further advanced and the cancer preventive agent development, it Development significant cancer genetic diagnosis and lead the patient’s QOL [the balance]is significantly improving these days. This from the study of the progress, but hope to. [Article: 飯銅 重幸・The article list to look at]

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