"Mysterious saying" written on APA Hotel amenity Who is this? → Results of inquiry …

“Apa Hotel” is a convenient place to stay. There is a public bath and a restaurant, so it is reasonable. Reporters are also often taken care of when they don't want to go on adventures. It is a feeling that if you make it an APA hotel, there will be no doubt.

The other day, I used APA Hotel and tried to use the amenity installed. In the bag “Human place, you can only put out what you put in” I noticed that it was written. What's this? If you look closely, you'll find what you said in all the amenity bags. This is one thing …!?

・ Hot maxim

Amenities such as combs, toothbrushes, cotton, etc. installed in APA Hotel rooms and shower rooms. As mentioned above, some words are written on the bag that contains them.

For example, for razors “A life full of passion in every moment” When. In addition, for combs, “Living beautifully with wisdom that has been honed”, and for shower caps, “Kachiki always visits those who crawl”. It's pretty hot.

・ I tried to inquire

It may be a message to the guests, but it is confusing even if someone suddenly makes a complaint about it through the amenities. I want to know at least who the word came from. So,Tell me, APA Hotel ~ !!

“We are printing the name of our representative.”

As soon as I made an inquiry, the above words returned. The representative of APA Hotel may be Mr. Shigeo Motoya. By the way, she has a pointed fashion that I often see in the media, and she is the president and a spouse of Mr. Toshio Motoya.

No, but that was the name of the representative who supported the APA Hotel and other APA groups. That being said, there are a number of words that businessmen might like. When all the mysteries were solved, I was grateful to use these amenities. If you look for an APA hotel with various tricks in the room, you don't feel like it will come out.

Report:K. Masami

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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