N. Cage dating Japanese women again

American actor Nicholas Cage, 56, has been found to be dating Japanese women again. Several media outlets shared photos of a woman named Rico Shibata walking hand in hand at JFK Airport in New York on January 28, telling them about their date.

Cage, who has been divorced three times, was shocked and married last year to a Japanese woman named Erika Koike, a self-proclaimed makeup artist, but only four days later said she was "drunk when she filed her marriage registration." She applied for marriage cancellation, and divorce was concluded at the end of May.

U.S. People magazine reports "Mystery Woman" and Ms. Shibata, who haven't disclosed their identity or their encounter. Shibata is a long black-haired woman who is much younger than Keige, and her name suggests she is Japanese or Japanese. Entertainment information site Just

Jared reports that Cage, who is shooting a new movie in Atlanta, Georgia, enjoyed a hand held date with Shibata at an aquarium in the same area, and a large stuffed white dolphin that seems to have been purchased at an aquarium at a New York airport. A figure in his hand has been witnessed. People magazine also reported that they had also visited their grave, which he purchased in New Orleans, Louisiana 10 years ago. [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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