N high school learning app “ N prep school '' to be provided free of charge-open online classes

Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen N Senior High School [N High School] and Dwango received a request on February 28 to shut down all small, middle and high schools due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Learning app "N prep school”Free of charge and free online classes.


と い う During the period, you can take all classes free of charge without paying registration. The programs offered are university entrance courses [English, mathematics, national language, science, and society], junior high school review courses [English, mathematics, Japanese], programming courses, and web design courses.

無償 In addition, for teachers who want to conduct online classes, we will also start free support for lectures and advice on know-how to distribute learning content.

NThe “N Preparatory School”, which is provided free of charge, is a learning app developed by Dwango Gakuen N Senior High School and Dwango in collaboration with one another, which combines classes, teaching materials [problems and reference books], and a Q & A system. By using the Internet, you can study anytime, anywhere.

生 In live delivery live lessons, interactive hands-on lessons are possible, such as raising hands and asking questions using the comment function. Archived video lessons are characterized by learning at your own pace, such as pausing when taking notes or revisiting what you did not understand.

In the class for university entrance exams, teachers are proficient prep school instructors who have extensive experience in teaching and know the entrance exam. In programming, active engineers are said to be instructors.

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