NA6 Eunos Roadster, which was the cornerstone of the restoration of the lightweight open car1

Eunos Roadster appeared in the domestic open two-seater car market, which has not been produced for a long time since the 1970s.
The car, which enjoyed the luxurious space of a two-seater and made many people feel the joy of opening, was praised around the world and made its value known. For domestic users, it was one that made people feel closer to the open car.

We were looking forward to seeing the hero who made his world debut on the eve of the roadster's name, Miata. The long-awaited domestic delivery of Miata, the national name Eunos Roadster, began in September 1989.
オ ー プ ン Before the Eunos Roadster was released, there were convertible cars in Japan. However, in most cases, the roof of a box-type passenger car was cut out, and the exclusive use of an open car body was rare. The fact that the roof was cut off resulted in unrecognizable body stiffness, and conversely too much reinforcement, resulting in a heavy weight increase, and the fact that the weak points were prominent. After all, golf cabrios had the best balance to enjoy the open mind.

The steering, side brake lever and shift knob are three sets of Nardi wood. The short shift lever is a short stroke and light shift work.

The shooting vehicle is a V special released in 1990. The interior is unified in tan color and the seat is a semi-bucket made of leather. Audio is built into the headrest.

Stainless steel scuff plate is a V-special genuine product. Items that are also set as options for normal. The speaker adopts the same design as the plate.

Hachimaru Hero May 2009 vol.11 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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