Nadeshiko Ageo Nobe "correct judgment" torch relay discontinued

The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay was scheduled to start on the 26th, and Niigata L / MF Megumi Agenobe [34] of Nadeshiko Japan [Japan Women's National Team], who was supposed to be the first runner, spoke about his feelings at the clubhouse.

The 11-year World Cup winner was to be the first runner at Fukushima J Village. The torch relay has also been canceled due to the postponement of the event. "I was disappointed, but I think it was the right decision," he said.

Whenever I came into contact with the news of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, I watched it while worried, "Is it really possible?" Naoko Kawasumi [34], a childhood friend living in the United States, had declined but had previously asked, "Maybe I can't go." "I thought it was an honor. I would like to run if I had the opportunity." Ageno Nobe said, "I'm looking forward to fighting for the world's best again."

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