Nadeshiko International Tournament @ Director Asako Takakura "I can pick up issues"

The Japanese national football team "Nadeshiko Japan" has left Narita Airport for the international friendly tournament "Sea Believes Cup" to be held in the United States on the 2nd.

Before the Tokyo Olympics, they will play the last international tournament against the strongest players such as the United States, which is ranked 1st in FIFA, as well as Spain and England. Asako Takakura said, "I think we can pick up a lot of points to correct the team and the challenges to win in the world. Overall condition creation and overall power will be tested. It will be a very good simulation."

At the tournament, three games will be played every two days from the Spanish game on the 6th [Japan time]. Each venue is also different, and it is a tough schedule to travel by air to three venues. This tournament has 23 players, but the Olympics have 18 players. The selection of members was also a close decision, and the commander said, "While narrowing down to 18 people, there is also where to move the position, and there are also conditions of the players themselves. Are you going to pass the players who are squeezing anyway? If you do it while keeping a good balance. "

In the football world, almost all domestic activities, including the J-League, have been postponed or canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus. While traveling to the United States, the commander also expressed a complicated expression, saying, "I hope you can go and enter the United States properly." "It's not a problem that I can reach. I'm talking to the athletes, so I'll do my best with the medical."

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