Nagamatsu's first V, approaching the Tokyo Olympics

World ranking 3rd Kazuna Nagahara [23] and Matsumoto Maya [24 = Hokuto Bank] team lost 14th and 10-21 to 1st place Chen Cheong-soo and Kazunori Ban [China]. I didn't win my first victory.

After 5 consecutive points from the start of the 1st game, he lost 14-21 without catching up, and the 2nd game could only take 10 points, making mistakes and losing without a good point.

The year ended with a world tour, including winning the World Championship in August. The tour will begin as early as January in 20 years. Even so, the Olympic race from the end of April this year was going smoothly, and the runners-up in this tournament with high points. The Japanese takamatsu pair, who was not in the 3rd place, was greatly pushed out and approached the Tokyo Olympics.

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