Nagatomo & Airi Taira "Thank You" for Corona Divorce

Turkish First Division Galatasaray DF Yuto Nagatomo [33] and actress Airi Taira [35] commented on "Corona divorce", which is said to be increasing due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Remember every day. "

Nagatomo updated Twitter on August 8 and said, "It seems that corona divorce is increasing." "I think everyone gets stressed out in this situation, but once you calm down and calm down, remember the feelings you met and the days when you laughed a lot. And always say thank you. If it doesn't work, let's think about a different technique.

He also received a tweet from her husband on the 9th, saying, "Let's go back to the two who met when we met again and let's be happy by holding hands!" Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi's song. I wrote the lyrics of "Let's be happy" and said, "I really like the power of the song! I still like the" Kanpaku Declaration. " That's really important. "

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