Nagiko Tono gets angry at people with low awareness of infection prevention

Actress Nagiko Tono [40] continued to anger that people with low awareness of infection prevention were "really incredible" as the spread of the new coronavirus continued.

Tono updated his blog on the 24th. About the situation I witnessed on the train that I used for the first time in a long time, "I imagined that about 90% of people are wearing masks … For the place I moved today, it was not that far As a personal sensation, it was a little over 50%, and if I watched everything on the TV and watched it as if I was observing everyone, I would say "railing". "Nobody grabbed it with a tissue or handkerchief. I didn't see anyone who got rid of the bacteria after grabbing. [It may happen]", "I'm aware I'm too concerned about my personality [ In the first place, I'm a little bit crazy …] "Are you guys so much more careful than you thought?"

Regarding the succession of large-scale events being canceled or postponed, "The economic effects and the current turmoil caused the company to be severely damaged due to the current turmoil and to be forced to change jobs. I know the reality that people are coming in. It's very heart-busting, and I'm really watching the news, and I'm crying about how disappointed it is. " As for the act of going out to the city, "While it is shouting that" the spread of infection "and" the spread of epidemic ", I witnessed a scene where I took a child to such a place for adult convenience and talked with a smile … I ’m sorry but I can only think of my own actions, not only because of my child ’s worries, but also because the laughing adult could be infected and spread to others without knowing… I can not believe. After all, was accused I would na "I do not think only that it is other people's affairs.

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