Nagisa Sekimizu Starts in September as "Mysterious Woman"

Actress Nagisa Sekimizu [22] was found on the 6th that she will appear in the TBS drama "Kiwado 2 people-K2-Ikebukuro police detective section Kanzaki Kuroki" [Friday 10 pm] starting in September.

Sekisui is the starring Hey! Say! JUMP Ryosuke Yamada [27] and Kei Tanaka [36] play a "mysterious woman" involved in investigating the two cases in a drama where a buddy forms a half-brother's criminal role.

This work is a painful work that tackles the violent case that occurs in the city of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, by teaming up with Kenji Kuroki, an unconventional criminal detective played by Ryuichi Kanzaki, who is a serious career detective of the humanitarian act played by Yamada. Sekisui plays "Mysterious Woman" who works at a girls bar in Ikebukuro where Tanaka goes, and is involved in the kidnapping case with Tanaka on the day of Yamada's first workday, and after that, he is deeply involved in the investigation of the two people. ..

In the movie "Machida-kun no Sekai" released last year, she made her debut as an actress after being selected as a heroine, and won the 62nd Blue Ribbon Award New Face Award and the 93rd Kinema Junpo Best Ten New Face Actress Award. After that, he also appeared in the movie "Kaiji Final Game", and he is attracting attention as a cockle role in the movie "Confidence Man JP Princess Edition" that is currently being released.

Sekisui said, “I have co-starred with Ryosuke Yamada and Kei Tanaka for the first time, but since he leads me kindly, I'm always encouraging…I think I should do my best.”

And "In the first episode, I am involved in the kidnapping case… Why did you get involved in the kidnapping case? I want you to pay attention to the surprising reason. There are many hints scattered from the beginning to the end. I hope that everyone will feel refreshed if you look up to it. It is also a story that you can feel the love of your family, so please look forward to it!”

◆ "Kiwado 2 people-K2-Ikebukuro police detective section Kanzaki Kuroki" The original is a criminal novel "K2 Ikebukuro police detective section Kanzaki Kuroki" written by Dai Yokozeki who won the 56th Edogawa Ranpo Award. Ryuichi Kanzaki [Yamada], a career detective with a strong sense of justice, and his intuition and insight are enthusiastic. The story of Kenji Kuroki [Tanaka], the detective of the killer, challenges various incidents that occur around Ikebukuro, although they sometimes collide.

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