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Nail care is also OK! "Beautiful skin fairy my hand cream" keeps moisturizing effect of Shea butter and Vaseline for a long time!

The fragrance of white tea with a clean and gentle sweetness that is liked by everyone!

Winter when you are concerned about dry skin. Even if you apply hand cream just before you go out, there are many people who dry out immediately when they come in contact with the cold air and wind outside.お す す め What is recommended for such people,"Beautiful skin fairy my hand cream"! The double moisturizing ingredients of shea butter and petrolatum keep moisture well, so you don't have to repaint many times. I tried to check the ability of hand cream for nail care that can also be used for nail care!

Boasts moisturizing power! Time-saving hand cream that does not need to be repainted many times

Even if you are not a person with dry skin, you may be worried about rough hands. Many people say that if you don't apply hand cream frequently, it will quickly become crunchy or broken. But it is troublesome to repaint many times when you are busy!の What is perfect for such a person,Istyle, Inc.(In Minato-ku, Tokyo)"Beautiful skin fairy @ my hand cream" (100g, suggested retail price 900 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 8, 2020)It is.

Contains shea butter and petrolatum, moisturizing ingredients that have long been popular with people. Shea butter derived from plants is particularly well-adapted to the skin, and Vaseline forms an oil film to barrier the skin surface. Such shea butter and petrolatum double moisturizing ingredients provide good skin familiarity and long-lasting moisture retention!パ ー ル A pearl extract with a more effective effect is also included.

Shea butter and pearl extract provide moisture to the skin, and Vaseline firmly closes the lid to prevent moisture from escaping, maintaining a moist feeling and eliminating the need to reapply hand cream repeatedly.

In addition, the addition of beeswax creates a barrier effect that cannot be seen on the nail surface, and it is possible to perform nail care while performing hand care. Hand and nail care can be done quickly, such as on a busy morning before going out, taking a bath to moisturize quickly, or before going to bed. This can be very helpful for busy women.

In addition, it is uncolored, paraben-free, silicone-free, and has been approved as a safe product by a patch test for sensitive skin by a third-party organization.

Healed by a clean gentle scent that everyone will enjoy

Try "Beautiful skin fairy @ my hand cream" right away!

Plenty of size 100g content! The package has a cute design with female illustrations.

The texture is a slightly hard, thick white cream.

Good stretch and smooth coating comfort.

Feel the rich cream fits well on your skin and is covered with a film of moisture. Apply to the other hand in the same way and care to the tip of the nail together.

Gloss that shines on the skin with plenty of moisture!

It has a moist feeling but is not sticky, and it is comfortable to wear.

What should be noted is the good fragrance that everyone seems to like. The fragrance of White tea with a gentle sweetness is pleasant. It is not too sweet and has no habit, so it seems that it can be used not only by women but also by men.

Reporters use only hot water in winter, so their hands are always dry and rough, but when I tried this hand cream, I kept a moist state that could be moist for a long time! After using detergent to do housework and washing hands carefully with hand soap, it was repainted as expected, but otherwise it was moisturized enough to feel no need for repainting . The gentle scent that wasn't overstated lasted for a long time with moisture, and was pleasant.

Also, because it contains 100g, it is good to be able to use plenty. If you put it at the entrance or in the bathroom, it can be used by the whole family. Just for greed, I want a little smaller size. If there is a small size, I think it is convenient to carry it without putting it in a pouch.

Recommended for those who are worried about drying their hands, those who want to finish nail care in a short time, and those who have trouble repainting hand cream many times!

"Beautiful skin fairy @ my hand cream" is on sale now.

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