Nakai mentions Makihara "Do not do what you can not do"

Masahiro Nakai [47] held a press conference in Tokyo on the 20th and announced that he would leave the Johnny's office in March and be independent.

When asked at the conference, "What if you would like to give a fan a SMAP song now?" "Isn't it now possible to say" One flower in the world? " He said his thoughts on the song.

It is the representative song of the group, and the last song sung by "SMAP x SMAP" with five people just before dissolution. At the end of the song, there was a scene where Nakai showed his members at the end of the song, waving his hand as if to break his finger, but Nakai said, "I haven't watched the broadcast … I don't know if it's hot, but it's not that deep. I think it was fluffy. " Will you sing alone in the future? "I'm not going to sing alone, I'm afraid. The individual did not match the pitch, "he grinned.

The song became a hot topic since the dissolution turmoil, with fans pursuing single flowering campaigns as "flower picking campaigns" and recording sales in the third place in singles history. Nakai told the fans, "I'm glad and sorry. At the time of the dissolution, I didn't have a meeting or comment, so I was confused. I'm sorry. "There was no reaction or comment at that time, but [the fan's thoughts] had reached my ears and eyes."

Takayuki Makihara [50], who produced the song, was just arrested on the 13th of this month on suspicion of violating the Stimulant Drugs Control Law. "Don't do what you can't do. I guess you're limited to just one."

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