Nakai tells me "I love SMAP" …

Kis-My-Ft2 thanked Masahiro Nakai [47], who left the Johnny's office at the end of March, on the Japanese broadcast "Kis-My-Ft2 All Night Nippon Premium" [7pm Saturday] .

On this day, Tasuke Fujigaya [32], Yuta Tamamori [29] and Kennaga Chiga [28] will appear.

Fujigaya, who saw Nakai's interview the day before, said, "I hated the human power of Masahiro Nakai. I loved entertainment, I love Johnny's, I love SMAP. Yes, she showed me everything she was carrying, because it doesn't mean she can't meet you. "

Tamamori said, "It was like Nakai-san's interview, and I felt like watching a show. She wasn't clever, she told her things to tell her, and she laughed … I'm cheeky, but I hope she can support him."

Chiga, a member of the four-member unit Maisai Gumi [Busaiku], produced by Nakai in 2013, said, "The four people who were buried after creating the Mai Matsuri Gumi [Saga, Wataru Yokoo, Toshiya Miyata, Takashi Nikaido] I was able to find a character that Johnnys didn't have and made it a bargain. I was grateful for it. "

The three people who said they were taken care of by SMAP chose SMAP's "Your Color" as their first song.

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