Nakajima Isirelli World is fully open! Reason for this year's Chinese character "Stone"

The “Ishiri World” is fully open at the city hall. The Japanese national prop Prof. Nakajima Ishirelli [30 = Kobe Steel], who contributed to the highest 8 ever in the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, visited the city hall [Chuo-ku] on the 9th at the Kobe City Sports Special Awards presentation ceremony.

When the mood maker, who was loved by the representative, was asked about "Kanji of the year", he held the pen first and expanded his sketchbook in the reception room of the city hall.


Regarding the reason, “The stone is strong. Japan was strong this year.” The same Kobe Steel FB Yamanaka, CTB Raffaele, WTB Moair Kiola, as well as reporters and city officials laughed. Nakajima is usually called “Ishi” and was also superimposed on his own name.

After the World Cup, he continued to appear on TV, “I didn't expect to come out so much. I always met a performer who I was watching, and on the contrary it wasn't a rugby player. Like a performer…” In addition, he said he was thinner than the World Cup. Nakajima, who has grown greatly, including talks, has vowed to win the second league in the Top League [TL] starting in January 2008, saying, “I want to win once more”.

Last season's TL played mainly with NO8, but the Japanese national team contributed to the breakthrough with a prop that had just turned. "I want to learn more about props. There will be the next World Cup. I want to study about props for four years. Declared success in FW 1st column. Kobe Steel will compete with Canon at the local Kobe Universe on January 12, 20th in the TL opening round.

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