Nakamura Ougaku, Tamao's recent news reveals "If you can't remember Kana"

Kabuki actor Shinjiro Nakamura [60] Nakamura Ogijaku [58] Ainosuke Kataoka [47] on the 11th in Kyoto City to gather for a coverage of “Summer Spring Dai Kabuki” [January 3 to 27, next year, Shochikuza, Osaka] attended.

The eldest son of Tatsuo Nakamura [80], an aunt of Jiro and Fanjaku, and actor Ryutaro Kan [real name: Yudai Okumura = Takehiro Okumura] suffered acute heart failure on the 1st of last month. Died at home in Nagoya.

When asked about the status of Tamao, Ougaku replied, "I'm fine. I'm talking on the phone, but I'm fine. I'm fine." Oojang said, “I tried to call my son ’s command name hard, but I still ca n’t remember. I remember my husband, but I ca n’t remember my son. I said.

Regarding “Kotobuki early Kabuki”, Jiro Tsuji said “If you can do it as a good New Year's performance”. Ainosuke rejoiced, "I was happy to be back in Osaka, although there was a time when I was in Asakusa in January."

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