Nakamura Shiban, parent and child co-star "feels growing"

A meeting of Nakamura Shiban [54] of Shochiku Dai Kabuki "Len Lion" and "Yoshitsune Senbonzakura @ Kawaren Hogankan" [May 1-26, tour of East Japan including Tokyo and Sapporo] was held in Tokyo on the 25th. .

Shibahan, who dances "Len Lion" with his sons Fukunosuke Nakamura and Utanosuke Nakamura, said, "I did four people at the time of the attack, but three people this time. It is a performance that even beginners can enjoy." His eldest son Hashinosuke Nakamura plays Tadashi Nobu and Shibanan plays Yoshitsune in the so-called "Yonokiri," but "Hashinosuke is so delighted that his nostrils swell." In the parent-child co-starring since the instigated performance, he said, "The smell of Shiban is still high. My son is not good, but I feel he is growing."

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