Naki's first serial drama in No.1 beauty in Terraha history "Isn't a social phenomenon happening?"

It has been announced that model Niki will appear in the drama "Peanut Butter Sandwich" [MBS] starting on Tuesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 2.

Niki has attracted attention at the popular reality show "TERRACE HOUSE ALOHA STATE" and has been called the No.1 beauty in the history of Terrace House, ranking in the "100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World" for the third consecutive year. He is also a regular model for four fashion magazines such as "JJ", "with", "steady." And "JELLY", and is very popular among young men and women.

This work, which will be the first drama appearance, is a live-action manga that reflects the realistic voices of girls in the marriage generation. It is known as a topical marriage manga that has received a great response and has surpassed 100 million PV, which is a sensational content that is packed with marriage and pain as it is. The story is about four girls who have different titles and a different view of marriage: Akane and Bararikyari OL Sayo [Akane Hotta], nurse Miharu [Miori Takimoto], and Miwa [Mikako Kakehi] working at a credit union. A real love pattern struggling toward is drawn.

Niki plays Akane Matsuoka, the secretary-general of the president, who has a beautiful shadow that everyone turns around, but has a shadow. Regarding the appearance of this drama, "I think that a lot of women will surely be able to sympathize and enjoy the story where a realistic love pattern unfolds. Just like the Japanese version of" Sex and the City ", fashion [Laughs] I am so happy that I met this work in my first appearance in the drama! I want to play hard so that the character Akane is loved I do. "

Fans who knew Niki appeared "Niki's first appearance! I like the original work and enjoyed it!" "I enjoyed it from April! Niki also appeared. I'm so happy." There is a lot of voices that look forward to the drama broadcast on sns, such as "Absolutely See Absolutely See Absolutely."

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