"Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-]★ 5 Buddhas and Nikko Bodhisattva (CV: Shin Furukawa) Limited Reproduction! ★ 4 Buddhas drop event “Shinbutsu Advent” starts!

The official release has been received from DMM GAMES, LLC.
Below, press release)

LLC DMM GAMES, "Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-]will announce the start of the limited reprint step-up manifestation of 5 Buddhas and Nikko Bodhisattva today from Thursday, February 6th.

■ ★ Started limited reprint step-up manifestation of 5 Buddhas and Nikko Bodhisattva!

★ 5 chance to get the Buddha “Nikko Bosatsu”!
The step goes up for each manifestation, and you can obtain 5 Buddha “Nikko Bosatsu” at the 10th step.
* After 10 steps, you can return to the first step and repeat the manifestation.
* Nikko Bosatsu has an "Event Point Bonus" at the "Shinbutsu Advent" event held today.

▼ Pickup Buddha
★ 5 Buddha “Nikko Bosatsu” (CV: Shin Furukawa)
▼ Pickup Shinto
★ 5 Shinto “ sunshine darkness ''

* Pick-up Buddha and Shinto are set to have a higher emission probability than Shinto of the same rarity.
* After the manifestation, the limited Buddha (★ 5 “Nikko Bosatsu”) and limited Shinto (★ 5 “sunshine darkness”, ★ 3 “sunshine”)
ま せ ん It is not added to "Normal Hoju Revival". However, it may reappear as a reprint.
* Probability is random. There is no guarantee that you will be able to earn it, except for the 10th Buddha confirmation.
▼ Implementation period
Until maintenance start on February 12 (Wed)
* Event period and content are subject to change.

■ ★ Start the event “Shinbutsu Advent” where 4 Buddhas drop with probability!

Starting today, the in-game event “Shinbutsu Advent”, in which 4 Buddhas drop with probability!
If you capture the event stage, you can get Chakra. Collecting "chakras" will give you various items. In this event, the chances for the following two gods to descend at each difficulty level! Let's get this opportunity!
★ 4 Buddha “Maschoten” (CV: Haruki Ishitani)
★ 4 Buddha “Ken Ginbao” (CV: Shoya Chiba)

▼ About event item acquisition bonus
If you organize the following Buddhas with the "special" mark and capture the event purification,
You can get additional event items.
Bonus will be added if you combine multiple special effects Buddha.
★ 5 Buddha “Nikko Bodhisattva” Increased number of “chakras” acquired: + 25%
★ 5 Buddha “Shaka Nyorai” Increased number of “chakras”: + 25%
★ 5 French “Fudo Myo” Increased number of “chakras”: + 25%
★ 4 Buddha “Masuchoten” ア ッ プ Increased number of “chakras”: + 20%
★ 4 Buddha “Ken Ginbao” ア ッ プ Increased number of “chakras”: + 20%
★ 4 Buddha “Dan Fat General” Increased number of “chakras” obtained: + 20%
★ 4 Buddha “Majin Shurao” Increased number of “chakras” obtained: + 20%
★ 4 Buddha “Dragon Dragon King” Increased number of “chakras” obtained: + 20%

▼ notes
* The "chakras" additionally acquired by the event point bonus will be displayed on the result screen of the purification battle.
* In this event, the performance and earned experience value of France will not change due to the special effects.
* The French drop rate does not increase due to the special effects.

▼ Implementation period
Until maintenance start on February 12 (Wed)
* Event period and content are subject to change.

■ Click here for download and gameplay!





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LINE ID: @ amf5379s

A full-scale battle RPG that depicts the battle of the Buddha who has descended in modern times to purify the "worries" that threaten people's peace.
Buddhas who have never heard of Buddhism, such as "Fudo Myo" and "Shaka Nyorai", have appeared.
The player will become the "Domori" of "Bonnouji", the base of the Buddha in modern times, and help him to remove the dirt from his daily work and battle.

■ Cast
Underwater Masaaki / Maeno Tomoaki / Suzuki Tatsuo / Kakihara Tetsuya / Kobayashi Yusuke / Hirakawa Daisuke / Morikubo Shotaro / Matsuoka Yoshijo / Kijima Ryuichi / Horie Shun / Yatsushiro Taku / Murase Ayu / Uchida Yuma / Amasaki Kohei / Taniyama Kisho / Kasai Kengo / Junichi Suwabe / Kenichi Suzumura / Souma Saito / Taketo Kajiwara / Haruki Ishitani / Kotaro Nishiyama / Shin Furukawa / Wataru Komada / Yuki Inoue / Rikuya Yasuda / Chiharu Ichikawa Aozawa Castle / Satoshi Murakami / Shunichi Toki / Yoshiki Nakajima / Daiki Kobayashi / Kentaro Kumagai / Reo Tsuchida / Junichi Toki / Shoya Chiba / Yukihiro Nozuyama / Yoko Tadokoro / Yasuto Saka / Daiki Yamashita / Takeo Otsuka / Yu Kawata / Yunari Fukamachi / Hirohiro Sakai
Character information other than listed is also available on the official website!
▼ Product overview
Title: "Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA- "
Platform: DMM GAMES / DMM GAMES Store / App Store / Google Play
Right notation: © DMM GAMES / Visualworks
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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