"Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA- "" Valentine "event started! Costume change function is also implemented! Get Valentine-only costumes for Shaka Nyorai (CV: Shotaro Morikubo) and Fudo Myoou (CV: Kengo Kasai)!

The official release has been received from DMM GAMES, LLC.
Below, press release)

DMM GAMES, "Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-]will inform you that the in-game event "Two Words Thank You Happy Valentine" has started today on Thursday, February 13.

■ In-game replay event "Thank you for your password Happy Valentine" starts on Thursday, February 13!

From Thursday, February 13th, the in-game event "Thank you for the secret word Happy Valentine" has started.
In this event, you can read limited stories and acquire limited Shinto through collecting "chocolate" that can be acquired in the event cleanup. Event limited Shinto with a story! Please get it and enjoy the story that can only be read here.

▼ Synopsis

Valentine-It's a day to tell your inner feelings.
King Benjaba felt the beat of the spinning people and was playing sitar.
Make the anguish of love an audience …

▼ Event reward Shinto

★ 5 Shintotsu: Kenganba King (CV: Shoya Chiba) “Colorful Raga Choco” (Special effect of “Choco” acquisition: 10% increase)

▼ Implementation period

Until the start of maintenance on Friday, February 21
* Event period and content are subject to change.

■ Limited Pick-Up Revival Event “Thank You for Your Password Happy Valentine” will also start on 1/18 (Sat.)!

ピ ッ ク ア ッ プ Limited-time pickup manifestation “Thank you for your password Happy Valentine” will also start on Thursday, February 13!

中 During the event period, there is a special effect that allows you to more efficiently obtain “chocolate” that can be obtained in the event cleanup, making it possible to advance the event more advantageously.
Event limited Shinto with a story!
In addition, from this update, we have implemented a function that allows you to change clothes to suit the event! This function allows you to change the Buddha on the home screen into your own costume. In addition, special lines may be spoken by clicking on the changed Buddha in the main hall. This year's ★ 5 Shinto: Shaka Nyorai “Exclusive to Tenjyo Tenka-kun” and ★ 5 Shinto: Fudo Myoou “Taste not to be hidden” also have limited costumes.
You can get a special color change version by joining 5 same gods. Please check the in-game announcement for details.
Get Shinto with costume on this occasion and enjoy dressing up your characters!

▼ Pick-up manifestation Shinto

★ 5 Shinto: Shaka Nyorai (CV: Shotaro Morikubo) “Exclusive to Tenjo Tenge-kun” (Special effect of “Choco” acquisition: 100% up) * Cost change target

★ 5 Shinto: Fudo Myooh (CV: Kengo Kasai) “Pottery not to be hidden” (Special effect of “Choco” acquisition: 100% up) ※ Cost change target

★ 4 Shinto: Masu Choten (CV: Haruki Ishitani) “Giri and Humanity” (Special effect of “Choco” acquisition: 40% increase)

▼ Implementation period

Until the start of maintenance on Friday, February 21
* Event period and content are subject to change.

■ Click here for download and gameplay!





■ Official Twitter follower, official LINE @ recruiting friends!
Please follow us on the official Twitter, as we will send you information about Namami Tenena as soon as possible.
Official LINE @ is delivering a wallpaper calendar every month. Click here for February calendar sample!

We look forward to your registration.


LINE ID: @ amf5379s

A full-scale battle RPG that depicts the battle of the Buddha who has descended in modern times to purify the "worries" that threaten people's peace.
Buddhas who have never heard of Buddhism, such as "Fudo Myo" and "Shaka Nyorai", have appeared.
The player will become the "Domori" of "Bonnouji", the base of the Buddha in modern times, and help him to remove the dirt from his daily work and battle.

■ Cast
Underwater Masaaki / Maeno Tomoaki / Suzuki Tatsuo / Kakihara Tetsuya / Kobayashi Yusuke / Hirakawa Daisuke / Morikubo Shotaro / Matsuoka Yoshijo / Kijima Ryuichi / Horie Shun / Yatsushiro Taku / Murase Ayu / Uchida Yuma / Amasaki Kohei / Taniyama Kisho / Kasai Kengo / Junichi Suwabe / Kenichi Suzumura / Souma Saito / Taketo Kajiwara / Haruki Ishitani / Kotaro Nishiyama / Shin Furukawa / Wataru Komada / Yuki Inoue / Rikuya Yasuda / Chiharu Ichikawa Aozawa Castle / Satoshi Murakami / Shunichi Toki / Yoshiki Nakajima / Daiki Kobayashi / Kentaro Kumagai / Reo Tsuchida / Junichi Toki / Shoya Chiba / Yukihiro Nozuyama / Yoko Tadokoro / Yasuto Saka / Daiki Yamashita / Takeo Otsuka / Yu Kawata / Yunari Fukamachi / Hirohiro Sakai
Character information other than listed is also available on the official website!
▼ Product overview
Title: "Nam Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA- "
Platform: DMM GAMES / DMM GAMES Store / App Store / Google Play
Right notation: © DMM GAMES / Visualworks


Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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