Nana Mori: Morning drama "Glasses Girl" is a big break? Three promising reasons

The NHK TV novel “Ale” in the first half of FY2020, which started on March 30 and starred by actor Masataka Kubota. After about two weeks of child part, Mr. Kubota, who plays the protagonist Yuichi Furuyama, and Mr. Fumi Nikaido, who plays the heroine Kannai Oto, have made full-scale appearances from the third week, and the story from here is interesting. Meanwhile, I can't help but expect Ms. Nanana Mori, who is the youngest of the three Kannai sisters and plays Ume Kannai, who is characterized by her glasses. When I hear the morning drama “Glasses Girl”, I recall Tamura Yoshioka played Nobu in “Asagata came” in the second half of 2015, and Houka Matsumoto played in “Hiyoko” in the first half of 2017. Taotome Tenko Sumiko. Both Mr. Yoshioka and Mr. Matsumoto have made a name for themselves by playing the same role, but will Mori be able to continue?

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