Naoki Hanzawa Special omnibus: Viewer "Brain trembled" for the first time in 7 years, "It's double!"

A special omnibus/first part of the drama “Naoki Hanzawa” [TBS series, 2013] starring actor Masato Sakai was broadcast on July 5th from 9 pm. At the beginning of the drama, when Hanzawa's famous line, which was also selected for the 2013 Yucan New and Popular Words Grand Prix, was called "I'll give it back. It's a double return!" "Double repay! Kita!" "Double fold Naoki!" "My brain trembled after doubling for the first time in 7 years." "I'm so overwhelmed by my first quote in 7 years." "I'm happy to hear the double fold after a long time!" Many went up and showed excitement. “#Naoki Hanzawa” has entered the trend on Twitter.

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