Naoki Hanzawa: Two weeks until the sequel to the main part… The first appearance scene of "Double up" and "Geshitaza"…

The sequel [TBS series, 9 pm on Sunday] of the drama "Naoki Hanzawa" starring actor Masato Sakai will start on July 19th. Finally, two weeks later. From 9:00 pm on the 5th, the special omnibus and prequel of the previous work broadcast in the July 2013 period will be broadcast. The Tokyo Central Bank bunker Naoki Hanzawa [Sakai] depicts how he fights with the enemies and organizations that appear inside and outside the bank, and the final episode has a high audience rating of 42.2% Record. In the same year's 2013 Yucan New Word/Buzzword Award, Hanzawa's famous word “double return” won the annual grand prize. Before the special omnibus broadcast, look back on the double-turning, which became a buzzword, and the first appearance scene of "Doshigaza," which became synonymous with the drama, and the strong "enemy character" that appeared in the "Osaka Nishi Branch" edition. ..

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