Naoki Ogi, extra lunch take-away problem "no good"

Oki Mama, an educational critic of Naoki Ogi, 72, commented on a male teacher, 62, from Sakai Municipal Sakai High School who was disciplined for bringing back excess bread and milk. I don't think I can do anything at all. "

Ogi updated his blog on the 27th, stating, "I can't take home every day because it's a waste. He mentioned that the pros and cons were divided on the Internet and said, "Ogi Mom also greatly agrees until Loss is wasteful," but "but I do not think that I can fulfill my responsibility as a school lunch teacher by consulting with the principal." Pointed out.

On the other hand, when the teacher retired, he said, "Isn't it too wasteful?"

According to the Sakai City Board of Education, male teachers have been in charge of school lunches on a part-time basis at night since 2015, and have taken over the excess of school lunches when students were absent. An anonymous report was issued in June this year and was discovered. The teacher said, "I thought it was wasteful to discard." Lunch brought back was about 1,000 breads and about 4,200 bottles of milk, totaling about 310,000 yen. The teacher returned the entire amount to the City Board of Education.

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