Naomi Kawase "Cannes Film Festival is like an Olympic Games"

Naomi Kawase [51]'s "The Morning Comes" is the official line of the 73rd Film Festival, announced by the Cannes Film Festival [France] Secretariat on the 3rd [Japan time 4th], one of the 3 largest film festivals in the world. Selected for up. For Kawase, he was officially selected for the festival as "Moe no Suzaku" in 1997, who won the "Camera Doll" award for new director, "Sara Soju" in 2003, and "Koki [2007]" in Grand Prix. This is the 8th time after "Magari no Mori", 11 years "Red flower moon", 14 years "Second window", 15 years "An" and 17 years "Light". Also, the release date in Japan has been set to October 23.

The 56 films selected for the official lineup this time are scheduled to be released to theaters next spring at the Cannes Film Festival, which was postponed from May 12th to 23rd due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Among them, the one selected as "CANNES 2020 [Cannes label]" without making a distinction for each department as in the past. This is the first attempt in the history of the 74-year-old film festival since it started in 1946.

Based on his position as director of the official film that records the Tokyo Olympics, Kawase said, “The Cannes International Film Festival is the world's highest place for people who are fascinated by the love between films. The actors are the chosen players, the podium with the best colored medals is behind that red carpet, and many people applaud the movie. Applause of "gratitude" for being able to meet the movie, just like applause. "Movies are magic that save lives and hold broken hearts."

"I honestly wanted to go to Cannes, the dreamy place, with the actors and staff who represent Japan who participated in "The Morning Comes." And I wanted to share. But still the earth You can't do that. It's a continuation of the movie "life" and a real stage that will shape the future. The stage is surely waiting for the "morning will come" screening. The title of "CANNES 2020" label We take pride in what we have received, and we will use this as an opportunity to send this movie to more people."

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