Naomi Osaka-Sakari / Brisbane International 1st bulletin

Naomi Osaka [Nissin Foods], ranked 4th in the world's third seed in the women's tennis tournament open match, will face Maria Sakari [Greece], 23rd in the first round. The result was Osaka's 2-1 win.

Osaka 1 6-2
1 Sakari

2nd set

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ten 11 12 T Total
Osaka 6
Sakari 7

◎ is break, ○ is keep, T is tie break

▼ Tie breakSakari's serve. From 2-4, Osaka made 2-6 consecutive mistakes. 3-6 with return ace. The service ace in Osaka made it 4-6, but at the end the return was on the net and dropped this set

▼ The 12th gameServe in Osaka. Mistakes continuously, 0-30. Osaka's down-the-line is decided 15-30. Two consecutive aces are 40-30. At the end, we challenged Sakari's line shot and succeeded. Entering a tie break

▼ The eleventh gameSakari keeps

▼ 10th gameServe in Osaka. 15-30 due to failure to smash, etc.

・ Osaka asks new coach for instructions on bench

▼ 9th gameSakari is straight and keeps

▼ The eighth gameOsaka is kept

Sakari asks coach for instructions on bench

▼ 7th gameSakari's serve. Osaka picked up a backhand return ace from 40-15, but Sakari kept on

▼ The sixth gameServe in Osaka. Return strong fore to cross and 15-0. Keep without danger such as 30-0 with ace

▼ Fifth gameSakari's serve. It was 40-30 because it was sticky by Osaka, but it was kept

▼ The fourth gameOsaka is kept

▼ The third gameSakari keeps

▼ The second gameServe in Osaka. From 40-15, Sakari became sticky and made juice, but Osaka decided a continuous point and kept it

▼ First gameSakari's serve. 40-15, Osaka return out, Sakari keeps

1st set

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ten 11 12 T Total
Osaka 6
Sakari 2

◎ is break, ○ is keep, T is tie break

▼ The eighth gameOsaka takes first set in love game

▼ 7th gameSakari's serve. From 15-40Osaka decides and breaks

▼ The sixth gameServe in Osaka. Keep 3 consecutive points from 15-15

▼ Fifth gameFrom Sakari's serve 15-40Osaka decides and breaks for the first time

▼ The fourth gameServe in Osaka. It was 15-40, Sakari's break point, the ball hit the net fell to the opponent's side 30-40, and then Sakari made a continuous return mistake, but juice could not be decided here. If you take advantage again, call out to the shot at the line, the challenge succeeds and keep

▼ The third gameSakari's serve. Keep a continuous point, such as determining a strong backhand from 30-15

▼ The second gameOsaka keeps strong serve from 40-15

▼ First gameStart with Sakari's serve. Decide ace from 40-30 and keep

Naomi Osaka [September 21, 2019]
Naomi Osaka [September 21, 2019]

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