Narrow, 964RS, 930 flat nose … Classic Porsche is unlimited on the circuit?

You can rent a precious classic Porsche and drive on the circuit. Did you know that an event where you can experience such a fun activity has started secretly?

“Classic Porsche Premium Driving”, sponsored by Inter-Up LLC, provides a place where the aforementioned dreams come true. The classic Porsche editorial department interrupted the event, which was held for the second time.

"Good morning. We adjusted all the cars until the day before. Let's pray that the car moves well to the end and let's enjoy the day." . As can be guessed from the speech, the participants at this event will handle five models, mainly the so-called air-cooled 911. Anyone can easily experience riding on all these models.

1966 Porsche 911 first generation 911 narrow model

1987 Porsche 930 American flat nose

1989 Porsche 930 Second generation 911 Speedster 930 discontinued memorial model

1992 Porsche 964 RS 3rd generation 911 of popular color Ruby Stone Red

2003 Porsche 996 5th generation 911

Why did you decide to start an event where you can ride this gorgeous Porsche lineup in the first place? It started with a positive desire by the representatives to "provide a place to get together."

Kurata originally enjoyed cars as a hobby on domestic cars and BMWs. Until a few years ago, he had no special feelings about Porsche, but about a year ago, it happened that Porsche was hooked by 996, which happened to happen.

"I bought Porsche what the 996 was, and when I was running it, it actually didn't hit me at first, but I read it someday." I realized the operability when I tried to execute it. I was absorbed in the joy of Porsche. When I started researching it, I felt that not only the product but also the idea of ​​Porsche itself was interesting I was completely addicted. "

At the end of the model, Porsche developed a special model at the timing that ordinary manufacturers would not work on, such as Porsche's iconic 911 system that was carved like a Porsche, and immediately consulted with the shop. He says he has begun to search for "models with stories worthy of experiencing history."

All the vehicles this time are Porsche who got in a few months from there. He wanted to show his appeal through this Porsche, and to provide a community by actually gathering, and he was overwhelmed by his ability to act such an event in less than a year.

I've never worked on Porsche magazine before, but I've only been in the passenger seat abroad on a circuit. I was ashamed of being in the “long-awaited first Porsche state”, so I was reluctant to rent a car that was expensive and expensive.

However, at this event WITH ME, led by professional racer and motor journalist Hiroshi Maruyama, provides operational support, providing an environment where you can easily give advice and questions. And it was a safe environment for beginners because there was no problem taking the course with the pace car leading, so I decided to experience the 996 test drive.

When wearing a safety gear helmet and a group and getting into the driver's seat, you will feel a different euphoria than riding in the front passenger or rear seats. 2003 996 is an AT Tiptronic vehicle. This time, because of the classic cars, the test ride pace is slow enough to flow, but it can run for about 10 minutes in one running frame, and it is a “just right” time for both humans and cars to compare I felt it.

In addition, regarding test drive of MT car, Mr. Tsutsui, who owns Porsche 993 as his own car and is in charge of classic partner at Porsche Center Aoyama Setagaya, asks you to pull out the performance for each car and ride with it It was to be.

When I compared the rides with a break every 10 minutes, I could definitely feel the "individuality" of each Porsche. I felt the acceleration of the explosive turbo and the lightness and comfortable speed of the RS, as well as the narrow and flexible running that I could see from the outside.

Of course, those who have never been in Porsche, but who want to recommend this time are owners who are considering switching to another generation or increasing the number of cars. There is no need to worry about people and cars jumping out. Perhaps there isn't much available for a place where you can face Porsche by age.

At the end of the event, a “certification” will be awarded one by one to commemorate the participation.

This event is held from 11:00 to 16:30, and the participation fee is 30,000 yen [excluding tax]. In addition, the information after the next time will be announced on the homepage, so if you are interested, please check it at any time.

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