NASA and SpaceX go-ahead for manned flight mission by America's first commercial spacecraft


NASA and SpaceX go-ahead for manned flight mission by America's first commercial spacecraft

Leading the space program in the United StatesNASAIs a private space development company founded by Elon Musk.SpaceXIt made a go-ahead for the first civilian manned space flight mission in the United States, using a manned spacecraft and rocket made in Japan. The astronauts on the SpaceX spacecraft will be launched on May 27, 2020.

NASA declares that SpaceX is ready to fly its first crewed mission | Ars Technica

Discussions on the first manned space flight mission by NASA and SpaceX took place on Thursday, May 21 and Friday, May 22, 2020.Kennedy Space CenterNASA participated in a conference held inSteve Jurczyk"We're ready to launch the rocket," he said, confirming that the launch will take place on May 27, as scheduled.

SpaceX's manned spacecraft will be used for the launch.Crew Dragon"When……

Reusable launch vehicle "Falcon 9"is.

by Official SpaceX Photos

Crew Dragon successfully tested the emergency evacuation system in January 2020.

SpaceX actually launched a rocket to test the emergency escape system of a manned spacecraft and succeed-GIGAZINE

The Crew Dragon launch using Falcon 9 will take place at 16:33 local time, May 27, 2020 (Wednesday). Boarding Crew DragonDoug HarleyWith MrBob BenkenMr.

NASA has released a movie introducing Mr. Harley and Mr. Benken who challenge the manned space flight mission on the first commercial spacecraft in the United States.

Know Your Crew! With Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley-YouTube

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It is the first time in nine years since July 2011 that an American-made spacecraft will attempt manned space flight. NASA has invested a large amount of money to develop the SpaceX spacecraft Crew Dragon, but by outsourcing the development work to a private space development companySuccessful cost reductiondoing.

“ In April 2019, we didn't expect to have a manned space flight within a year, ”said Kathy Ludas, manager of NASA's Civil Manned Space Flight Mission Program. "We couldn't betray our support," "SpaceX has always been a miracle for us. We are very proud of our track record."

SpaceX conducted a static fuel test of Falcon 9 on the afternoon of 22nd, a rehearsal of the launch by Harley and Benken who will board Crew Dragon on the 23rd, and a final launch meeting on the 25th. date held.

The launch will take place at the Kennedy Space Center39th launch facilitySo, the biggest concern about launch availability is "weather".

The Kennedy Space Center's official Twitter account posts pictures of the Crew Dragon brought to the 39th launch facility.

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