NASA space probes by first solar observations than expected was very intense solar wind

The sun observations to space probes”Parker・Solar・pull-Drive”reported by the results,the British science journal Nature on 4 dates that have been posted. Telescope observations of the light from the sun of the trends can turn out in the solar system, the birth process of the clarification is expected to accelerate.

【Here】The Sun that falls on the“coronal rain”to observations of the sun, the mysteries unravel to the expectations of NASA research

■Of the earth 500 times to withstand the heat of the Sun probe

Parker・Solar・Group is in 2018, on 8 March the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA]by the probe was launched just. The probe one of the goals of the Space Weather Prediction only.

The surface of the sun, the”Flare”is called the explosion occurs. A huge flare, if the Earth such as the planet’s magnetic field interacts with the interference that cause. Parker・Solar・pull is the sun is a substance and energy release observed in solar system of planets around that occur in space weather understanding and. Thus the birth of the sun and the evolution process of expressing the model rebuild also help with.

Mars and other planets, unlike the sun in the exploration failure is heat only. Of the earth 500 times the amount of heat the sun emits. Therefore high temperature solar heat to arc’teryx and engineered for high impact and abrasion resistance, Parker・Solar Group is a carbon fiber reinforced plastic is designed.

■More than expected, was very intense solar wind

From the sun 9,300 million miles [about 1 billion 5,000 million km] within a minute of charged particles acceleration detection from the ground was difficult. Parker・Solar・Group is 1,500 million miles [about 2,400 million km] to a distance of close observation of the conduct is possible. In the future, even close to the sun observation will be.

This was revealed, the solar wind it seems. The sun is hydrogen or helium and the light elements from the atmospheric one. Plasma reduction of these gases is blown about by the solar wind only. Conventionally, the solar wind is relatively constant flow have been considered. This observation by rivers to the sea and pour into the estuary, such as the solar wind is a very intricate structure that turned out.

Also from the sun, 700 million miles [about 1,100 million km] of the dust is sparse in evidence,for the first time observed. Dust temperature and gas changes,200 million from 300 million miles, the distance of the dust region is born with. This phenomenon is 100 years of theorizing have been able to be observed by you.

For this observations, the Parker Solar・up to the first log based on you. According to NASA,the 2020 9 month scheduled 6 times to log in the dust of the area of observation to implement that. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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