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NASCAR, Fox and virtual races to replace aborted races are now "Most Watched eSports Shows." Over 900,000 viewers-Engadget Japan

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NASCAR, a popular U.S. stock car race, will replace e-Sports on March 22 with a race canceled due to the new coronavirus.FOX NASCAR iRACINGWas broadcasted on Fox Sports, which is responsible for broadcasting the race. The broadcast is among the highest eSports ever televised and has the highest audience. "FOX NASCAR iRACING" was broadcast so that the drivers participating in the actual NASCAR series participated remotely, and the same commentary commentary as the actual race was excited, and it looked like the actual race.

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This program, produced by a TV station, also has the behavior of a real machine using iRacing, so at first glance it could be mistaken for a real race. The number of viewers grew to 903,000, and Fox Sports says it has become the most watched eSports program to date.

Since it was broadcast as a TV program rather than a distribution that was not a live distribution on YouTube or Twitch, only the viewers of the program knew the race pattern, but at the time of writing the article was all available on NASCAR's official YouTube channel You. There is a silent part on the way because the program is being commercialized.

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During the race, there were some big crashes, but since it was a virtual world, the live broadcasters were always enjoying themselves. The smiling faces of the occasional drivers and the differences in the simulator environment used seemed to be interesting to the audience. The good thing is that it is not a real race, and there are some drivers who let go of the steering wheel and sit in the toilet.

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Following the success of this eSports race, which was positioned as a pilot broadcast, Fox Sports has announced that canceled races after March 29 will be relayed as alternative eSports.

NASCAR and Fox will be broadcasting a live stream of motorsports (although NASCAR was also running spectator races at the beginning), which was difficult to start due to the new coronavirus, due to the participation of Denny Hamlin and other top drivers of NASCAR. "I'm in troubleMeet the needs of fansIt seems to be something. Last weekendFollowing the suspension of F1 Bahrain GPThere were also several eSports races.

This weekend, another popular US series,IndyCar also plans eSports eventAnd this may also attract attention.

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