National video advertising market,19 years is 2592 billion in 5 years 2. 7 times to support the investigation

Support the domestic video ad market trends, present findings, and Future 5 the annual market is about 2. 7 times and is forecast to grow to have.

【Here】Video advertising investment proportion, 5% are expected to increase brand value to improve the effect

■Domestic video ad market last year from 4 Premium

2nd, support the domestic video ad market trends of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution’s Consortium for understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet. This is the company’s research, online video research and Digital Design Factory is a joint research conducted by video advertising market participants to based on.

In Japan in 2019 video advertising market is 2,592 billion yen. This is the 18 years of 1,843 billion from ¥ 40. 6% increase expected. 2,592 billion out of the PC, is 18 years compared to 5. 7%, an increase of 29.6 billion yen,a smartphone is the 46. 9% to 2,296 billion yen.

■5 years at about 2. 7-fold growth

Article 2023 at the prospect of presenting. The year 2020 is 3,289 billion, and 21 years is 3,888 billion, a 22 year 4,470 billion yen,23 years, is 5,065 billion,18 years from 5 years at about 2. 7 times the prospects.

Market to expand about the causes,advertisers video ads efficiently so that you can make your advertising methods and advertising to adequately measure the environment, means, or 5G in the spread of faster communication speeds along with video of demand and supply increases as noted.

■The hotel is 9 percent more than expected

23 years of 5,065 billion out of the PC 356 billion, the smartphone is 4,709 billion yen. The video ad market overall, which accounts for smartphones, the percentage of 18 years, at 84. 8% [1,843 billion amended 1,563 billion] and 8 percent more than high enough though,23 years is 93. 0% [5,065 billion circle 4,709 billion] and even higher.

■New ad format popular also

The types of ads to another, the 18 years of 1,843 billion circle,in-stream ads to 756 billion yen,in-Feed ads [website or app content sandwiched between ads]is 703 billion, and online banner ads [inventory flowing through ad]is 132 billion yen, and the other is 252 million yen.

19 Outlook in the in-stream ad 1,079 billion [18 years compared to 42. 7%], and in-feed ad is 1,036 billion yen [the same 47. 4%], and online banner ads 15.7 billion yen [the same 18. 9%], and the other is 320 billion yen [the same 27. 0%increase] as that. 23 years, in-stream ads 2,213 billion yen [18 years compared to 2. 9-fold],in-Feed ads are 1,886 billion [about the same 2. 7 times],online banner ads 275 billion yen [about the same 2. 1 times],the other is 691 billion [about the same 2. 7 times]and predict the new video media and video ad formats with the popularity of video advertising, the use of proceeding further and looking. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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