NBA Hachimura Dunk, showing up to 6 assists

Rookie Riki Yamura [22], who is in the 9th place in the eastern region, started the match against the Pacers in 5th place, recording 9 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists. The team lost and resumed three consecutive losses. Playoff [PO] advance was far away. After the match, Yamura said, "I couldn't make a few easy shots. There was also a communication error."

The day before, they lost in a direct confrontation with the 8th place Nets in the same district who competed for PO, and it was an important one game, but it was a single digit score for two consecutive games. The 1st quarter [Q] "I aggressively aimed at the shot", I set up an opponent with high defensive power, but I could not get a chance. As a team, he allowed eight blocks in the first half alone and bounced around the ring. In the first half, I wasn't tired of 4 points, but in the latter half, I made a showcase, such as dodging the opponent's mark and deciding a dunk.

The score didn't increase, so I contributed with a pass. Director Brooks also recorded the most acclaimed 6 assists. In the previous match, I suffered from a severe mark for myself with multiple people. "I knew I was going to be number one. I'm glad that the result came out when I was aware of passing and play-making," I felt the response.

Although he is a newcomer, he struggles as a "leader" to fill the holes between the two main players. While not tied to the results, "I made a good voice because I was a young team," and in the latter half of the year, I was inspiring when I was on the bench. In the final stage of the 4th Q, I was able to catch up one step further.

The 9th place was confirmed, and the aim is to advance in a PO advance decision match [play-in tournament] that is within 4 games difference from the 8th place, but the situation became more severe. Yamura said, “It is not fun to lose as a team, so we have to work firmly as a team so that teamwork is not interrupted.” 5 remaining games. It will not end as it is.

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