NBA Hachimura "I am disappointed with this shape"

Wizards base Yamura [22] scored 9 points in the second game, Nets. The team lost 2 consecutive games, making it difficult to advance to the playoffs. The questions and answers after the match are as follows.

-Loss in an important match

It was a match I really wanted to win, but I am very disappointed because it looks like this.

-Team struggles to score points in the 4th quarter

The opponent was well protected by the team. We had a lot of mistakes in the defense, which led to the defeat.

-The number of trial shots in his field goal was only six

The other person was scouting well, and I was protecting it so that it would be hard for me to do. I had a double team and a triple team, and had few chances to shoot.

-The advance to the playoffs has become difficult

As a team and as an individual, I want to improve where I can improve without wasting one game at a time. It is important for a young team to grow from here.

-23 hours later next match

I want to take a good rest and switch to the race against tomorrow's Pacers.

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